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CONCENTRATION 7" launch - 22/05/2021 @ The Cave Inn, Brisbane

ADELAIDE - 10/07/2021 @ The Metro, Adelaide

Montag, 12. April 2021



Rope Society and Am Not present two cuts of harsh electronic punishment dedicated to men marked for death by Moscow’s diarchy. 

Men who looted a collapsed empire or chose the wrong side in the race to power. Foreign plunderers, traitors and fallen sultans scurrying away only to be  sentenced in absentia, condemned to live out their last years always looking over their shoulder.

This hunt will end only when its prey is left impaled on Marylebone railings, swinging from a chandelier, burned from within or despatched by bullets.

As the world shrinks, time is ever shorter for these fugitives and a final, violent reckoning is never far behind.

152 pressed, all black vinyl; with foldover cover sleeve in clear plastic slip case.

Bulk enquiries for distributors can be made to novichoklabel [AT] gmail [DOT] com

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New t-shirt for the solo act "Крот"only known for a single tape release, "Посейдон Oтель" C60 on the Thessaloniki-based private label Live Adult Entertainment... There's also a split 7" upcoming on NOVICHOK...


The name Крот means mole in Russian. As in, a mole in the ground. Also a slang term for a nasty street drug they have in Russia and Ukraine... As well as a brand of drain cleaner, like Draino/Mr. Muscle... It's also a derogatory term for people from separatist eastern Ukraine, as their heads are all underground in mines. Black t-shirts with white screen print. Limited run, not for sale. Available in sizes M or L while stocks last. Free upon request, can ship with any orders of x3 or more 7"s with no extra shipping charge.

Donnerstag, 1. April 2021



Ebola Disco hailing of course from far North Queensland, & Armenia from a similar humid tropical climate in a different part of the world... 

Ebola Disco's "River Ratz" in its latent rhythms is reminiscent of perhaps a ramped up version of early Esplendor Geométrico. Just that bare skeletal rhythmic industrial style of throbbing oscillations as an example of what is meant by the comparison. Think "Amor En Mauthausen" or trace elements found on "El Acero del Partido" for examples... Thematically it reflects on many things: sugar cane crop burning under the blistering hot sun as disease vector rats run rampant in the drained river beds...a history of dead industry in north QLD... First recorded back in 2017, belatedly here "River Ratz" has found a sufficient format, re-fortified & edited anew alongside an underground name to match their calibre. Armenia is the solo project of Ecuadorian noise mercenary Leonardo Sabatto. Initially named after the Neubauten song but also the distant ideological massacres of Asia Minor, Armenia has been embedded primarily in the Americanoise scene for many years and active on the international noise mail circuit since sometime back in the '90s... Armenia launches an all-out blizzard of embattled harsh noise on this side with "Desfigured Man of War" that feels deeply submerged in the context of ruthless Latin juntas. Harsh noise in a state of perpetual war that is severe like dengue & ends abruptly with circulatory failure & shock. After effects may include throbbing headache, hearing loss, nausea...

158 pressed, all black vinyl; with foldover cover sleeve in clear plastic slip case.

Bulk enquiries for distributors can be made to novichoklabel [AT] gmail [DOT] com

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☢️Or send an email to the above address to place an order☢️

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Freitag, 26. März 2021



Available now is the inaugural release from NOVICHOK... Debut from End Projekt - new Sydney industrial band formed by Tone Generator (SPK), Sys_Frank (Bloody Fist Records act) & Hirofumi Uchino (Defektro). On their first release, with the track "Fear" they offer their take on the current information word virus saturating the globe. Various noise generating machines made by Defektro and synths are active at the same time, EMS Synthi - Erica - Roland SH-09, creating an eerie acoustic environment with a low-level tension. Background autonomic tone firing constricts things for a certain continuous dystopic atmosphere. This needs to be heard to be believed. On the flip is a collaboration between Ebola Disco & Browning Mummery that is a roaring tribute to the late great tractor brand, Massey-Ferguson. Spuming with their trademark enmity; short & direct noise that accelerates with blunt force that has the ability to generate a more localized response than anything longer might be capable of... The two sides could not diverge more from each other, but that is how they go together so well; that is what's on offer on this 7", two Australian power electronics/harsh industrial noise groups' new works; recorded in 2020 and finalized early 2021, buy one - get two!

157 pressed, all black vinyl; with foldover cover sleeve in clear plastic slip case.

Bulk enquiries for distributors can be made to novichoklabel [AT] gmail [DOT] com

☢️Purchasable in the top right-hand corner of the site ☢️

☢️Or send an email to the above address to place an order☢️

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New label t-shirt design for Novichok Electronic Warfare Systems™, bearing our heraldic standard "offerings of creed & fealty". This design venerating the legendary Serbian YouTuber DRONEMF S. Black t-shirts with white screen print. Limited run, not for sale. Available in sizes L or XL while stocks last. Free upon request, can ship with any orders of x3 or more 7"s with no extra shipping charge.

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NOVICHOK 7" Release party - 03/04/2021 @ Gummi, Sydney


NERVE AGENT - 04/04/2021 @ Petersham Bowling Club, Sydney

Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2021


Ebola Disco | Cock Driller (split 7", Grog Pappy)
For approx. 10 years Cock Safari & his Grog Pappy label have been a prime mover in local noise circles. Listening back to the first release on Magik Crowbar from 2009 for a nice example with its thick, grinding viscous asphalt-like textures. Heavily, slowly mutating gravelly loops holding sway & yet in equal aspects there is a fluttery & jitteriness in the small fluctuations of movement that comes across as something quite hallucinatory... Cock Driller (with Drillbit) this time around brings to mind a chaotic "filthy" P.E. style, speckled with some absurdist humour as always. This is not balaclava-clad posturing: this is maskless power electronics in the age of coronavirus... Sounds are frenzied & hyper-aggressive. It even has that ear-piercing grating abraisive texture of early British P.E.: here overlaid for maximum havoc as if there wasn't enough going on already. Yes, there's much dynamism & movement across their battering of a side, giving a definite "maximal" flavour to the proceedings, which is much appreciated. Both sides together deliver a sharp blast as it ought to be done. Ebola Disco & Cock Driller here deploy this 7" that's fitted with quite the explosive charge, & once detonated it does what is intended of it... With both acts having proved their worth time & again in both the discography and live sphere, it's safe to say that both have more or less dominated the HN/P.E. field down under for the last decade, thus this split record is a well-matched one...

Ebola Disco's most recent release prior to this, "River Ratz" (inaugural track on the "Discography 1997-2017" compilation CD), in its latent rhythms was reminiscent of perhaps a ramped up version of early Esplendor Geométrico. Just that bare skeletal rhythmic industrial style of throbbing oscillations as an example of what is meant by the comparison. Think "Amor En Mauthausen" or trace elements found on "El Acero del Partido" for examples... Coarse comparisons aside, the point is that it just sounds like something of that strain and that sounds great. A great example of what can be done with just 6 distortion pedals... The Ebola Disco side of this split 7" (a live cut from their Japan 2019 set) is anything but rhythmic, though at points it does lapse into a pulse-like thump: in the midst of so much else amassed. First at around 50 seconds in they again rely on those pulsating patterns to just give everything else room to breathe & to build up for the surges of noise & squalling feedback to come in. That technique for sound construction just works so well. This is one of the best 'harsh industrial' sounds that there is. It sounds totally mangled with the primitive noisecore-like grunted vocals. Sounds like the vocalist has contracted one of those mosquito-born viral infections like they have up there in far North Queensland... Their side becomes increasingly oppressive, poorly oxygenated until it expires... Definitely a 7" to add to the collection...

(☣️WARNING if ordered: once beyond AusPost delays due to COVID-19; TOTAL CYTOTOXIC NOISE PARCEL BOMB INCOMING! HANDLE WITH CARE!!!☣️)

Samstag, 19. Dezember 2020



Putrefactio ☠️ Carbonized Organs (split CD-R, Formaldehyde Production) 

A trans-Pacific gorenoise gutter alliance here out on an Italian label, & it's a fairly short duration of what is something of the order of harsh noise with a decidedly goregrind feel. 4 tracks all up - most contributions being from Carbonized Organs, just one of many death-obsessed Mexicans to have cropped up recently, who all also share a similar death magazine collage scrap imagery, as a regurgitation & strange amalgamation or byproduct of the narco cartel culture there. Case in point with this release, it's just the tip of the iceberg in terms of total noise carnage... But in bringing something foreign into the fold, it's good to see some local acts delving into it too. Hopefully there'll be more of this 3rd world HN depravity as a regular fixture... Things start off with modulations on static textures of violent low end crackle; different textures flailing in and out of the static storm. There's some programmed throbbing tones resembling patterns that have an air of almost proto-P.E. studies in bare noise. But these are obsessive textures in themselves as well that leave a major route and exit onto a smaller winding path that seem to purposely lack something of a pulmonary blood flow. It turns into more of a lifeless dissection, pure hypoxia of an auricular form. Then, as soon as things lapse into a sick obsessive single sound exploration by audial vivisection, a louder crushing wave rolls in & pumps blood back into that smaller artery of noise texture. Rupture and complete breakage... Interestingly in the freely improvised single-take experimentation of harsh noise, there's alot of room for things  to spread out & really metastasize; there's pressure changes yet none of it is ever attenuated. Things change pace toward the end for some more spaced out scrap metal/junk abuse that takes advantage of depth to carve out something with an entirely different feel. In fact further into its duration, much of it pertains to a more layered, immersive atmosphere. There's a common current freely circulating across both act's tracks here. The tracks manage to flow together seemlessly in that sense. One for the scrap heap, or some prized scrap?

Samstag, 12. Dezember 2020


Novichok electronic noise signal processing frequency-dependent amplifierEngineering analysis of noise radiation from moving surface of video screenNovichok electronic warfare system-Modular Development Studies

Parallel play intended⚡Receptor organs targeted: cochlea
⚡System deployment @ 2:00 from 200-20k Hz signal frequency

Dienstag, 8. Dezember 2020


Col. Gaddafi invites '500 beautiful Italian girls' to convert

Missionary "Mujahadeen" (C34, Synthetik Assembly)

Is this a statement of belief, like a sonic weapon for acoustic warfare, or a case study from an outsider? That much is not disclosed. Either way this veritable grenade of a tape packs a punch, & was something of a surprise attack- coming from Tasmania, no less. Perhaps continuing on the cultural terrorism of the Grey Wolves. Or perhaps not. It doesn't matter so much because that's not revealed. That's the tactic of the cultural terrorist... How appropriate then that a call to prayer opens things up. From that intro, Missionary marches onwards into a dronescape of sustained, wavering synth tones that aren't without a certain tension, but it develops into a crashing discord; a military step-like rhythm of abraisive (guitar?) stabs...think Laibach early on a la "Cari Amici Soldati!" mode...    The struggle continues on track 2 which is some of the best that this tape has to offer. They have really been able to mount a sustained attack with this one. A fusillade of noise darting in & out of news reports describing chemical airstrikes, Bashar Al-Assad's forces & the ongoing war in Syria. Track 2 here really is operating at a reduced range akin to a low level war with tactical equipment limited to synth/noise gear & a selection of video samples/radiocast. This one being a protracted struggle lengthwise and all the better for it as the combination of static attack & radiocast warfare is some seriously enlivening stuff. Total noisewar. Military radio transmitter, field telephone, AN/PRC-77 Portable Transceiver. Chlorine gas attack transmitting news reports to manpack receiver unit with noise interference on audio interface. Evoking echoes of Streicher's more truncated "Blood Banner ᛋᛋ" albeit enclosed in the context of jihad (are Missionary proposing a "Blood Banner ᛋᛋ Handžar/ Handschar Div.", then?). Really sterling work of Insurgent Electronics on this track...   Things change pace on track 3 with its base of distant echoed stomping, then the onrush of overtly high pitched tones & black metal style vocals that sound dehumanized, like that of local cohorts Blackline. Blaring dissonance is the way it goes here, back to basics Tasmanian P.E...     More of that simplistic bass undertone is to be heard on side B, at bay but foreboding. Creeping up to vertiginous effect & eventually towering over you expansively like in the shadow of an obelisk. Then in come slowly layered patterns of bifurcating synth work before things die back down. Assess the pulse, there's still a faint trace of abraded bass as before...    Closing out side B is back in with the call to prayer: this time there is abrupt noise interference. Static death boring a hole into the brain through the ear canal...    This new release of proselityzing power electronics is a very atmospheric one all up, not without a simplistic charm, but still hits the spot. "Dawah" (Arabic دعوة‎) is the equivalent Islamic term meaning "missionary". & Missionary as a P.E. unit, is a locus of resistance in an ever changing world...    This came from the Synthetik Assembly micro-label out of Tasmania, with seeminlgy little to no online prescence: all is available via distributor Overuse.

Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2020


Olympic Hopes "Bulboys" (C40, self-released - no label)

While not a local release per se: focusing on the organized crime & corruption rife in Bulgaria today; this new one out of Paris feels highly topical owing to the intermittent spates of ethnic street violence that have always been notorious here as something bubbling just under the surface of society...

9/9/2019:    "About 50 Macedonians outside the consulate in Melbourne set the Greek and Bulgarian flags on fire."

26/12/2019:    "Police are investigating after a number of men set upon a man in his 20s at a restaurant in South Morang. Three men assaulted the victim before fleeing the scene. The group was seen punching the victim, who is of Greek heritage, in the head and face for up to 40 seconds. The victim's car was also damaged."

It's not pretty, but it's a part of the landscape. In that sense, Olympic Hopes seems at least of peripheral interest given the large FYROM & larger Hellenic populations here. The very name -Olympic Hopes- when pronounced in Bulgarian & rendered in Cyrillic is all but identical in Macedonian. & this tape paints a scummy landscape where corruption is entrenched, full of a knuckle-dragging atmosphere of brooding tension. It is in our outer suburban reality that this tape evokes a feeling of the old world post-Soviet economic slump. The two sides are expansive, varied - & this gives it a fullness that makes for a great sit-down listen which works well as a long form release. The analogue hiss certainly lends itself well to the cassette format. The whole thing is very rudimentary yet executed deliberately with a clear purpose in mind...    Surprisingly this tape actually has a few abstract mellow moments, and a subcurrent of warped tape manipulation and noise hiss: blown out by distorted video samples + Balkan radio broadcast; taken on a journey along an unknown south eastern European trafficking route. The undercurrent of video samples at times feels like it's moving in a different direction from the noiseeffects... Mired in cut-throat, bombastic Balkan culture with all of its excess, seems like an appropriate theme for noise- in essence it is a colloquialism in itself. The resulting tapework has a certain boundless energy in the myriad frame of references to the artist's fatherland...    End of side B progresses from a shimmering rumble into a kind of dark ambient drone at around the 8 min. mark, with just barely a hint of Raison d'Être that wouldn't be out of place as a CD-R on the Albanian "Medieval Werewolf Antiquarium Label" label.     Olympic Hopes' "Bulboys" debut CS, limited to 30, published in conjunction with a black & white Xeroxed photo essay released by Mala-Testa in Marseille, limited to 100 copies - is an engaging set that has been well-received here.

Montag, 30. November 2020



Psychward "Bleach Injection" (CD-R, Magik Crowbar Corp.)

Psychward- longtime local harsh noise project and advocate for uranimum enrichment who has had a reasonably active 2020 despite all the BS, with two new releases: "Hidden Brain Matter" CS on the up & coming Foul Prey label out of the UK, and the aforementioned CD-R in focus here. It has the quality of an adrenaline auto injector - leaving the listener immobilized and debilitated from shock. Or more like the sonic equivalent of a hot shot injection of household drain cleaner. This is one of the few examples of local harsh noise that just keeps getting better with age. Psychward's track record is largely filth encrusted ischemic noisescapes with a view to abstraction, as if to replicate a chemical imbalance. The eclectic, rough hewn textures on most all Psychward releases provide the most detailed crunch and scrape that belie a sloppy dereliction. "Inner Filth" kicks off with a kind of jerky cut-up blasting of frequencies & progresses into a sluggish grind that is no less hectic than where it began. Truly spiralling downwards, off the radar, like a critical radio transmission failure from an air traffic control centre... Psychward as a project has probably been subtly influenced by everthing he's put out on his own label, Magik Crowbar throughout the years. Perhaps the only thing that one can get a sense of- but that has never had the MC label stamp on it- is a heavy Macronympha vibe seeping through after a few repeated listens. Or maybe after repeat playbacks things just start to get paracusic. Another thing: is it merely coincidental that, if only briefly, this marries up perfectly both sonically and thematically with Eciton's "Alcoholocaust" one-off 1996 CS from Finland? But again, all perceived influences are most likely a subjective phenomena when it comes to the experiential nature of HN...    "Bleach Injection" was originally set to be launched on 10/04/2020 in Chicago, U.S.A. on the live bill as one of the Genocide Organ pre-show shocktroops. (GᛇO were scheduled to play Chicago on 17/04/2020.) R.I.P to that probable career highpoint but at least something came out of the axed plans in the form of this CD-R which is a nice little souvenir: akin to the GᛇO "Tipping Point" CS box set that only a chosen few are lucky enough to possess a copy of. Obviously in the case of a Magik Crowbar Production this is the povo version of a collectible keepsake. Everything on MC gets the povo treatmentGᛇO have embossed heavy duty deluxe vinyl box sets; the release in question has a spraypainted blank CD-R in slimline DVD case. Not to downgrade it - in fact the intensity is conspicuous by fact of this sick artwork & style of the Psychward logo (flies buzzing around the "Y", radioactive symbol squashing the "R", &... what looks like a mohawk on the "D"?!)...    If only this great land of ours that holds a whopping 30% of the world's uranium reserves could establish itself as a nuclear power then maybe we could secure the safety of our noise collections, of which this new release of Psychward's is a valuable addition.

Sonntag, 29. November 2020



Having reached the first anniversary since the latest release from Jakarta's SAKARATUL, with sadly no new output since: now is as good a time as ever to recollect some thoughts on the project. Let's pursue a foreign policy of advancement and make the most of geography to shine a light on a relatively new project from the neighbouring island archipelago nation of 270 million people whose shortest distance to the Australian mainland is similar to the Melbourne - Sydney route. Sakaratul is festering 3rd world harsh P.E. and the name itself appears to be a Qurʾānic term that looks like it translates to "the agony of death" or "the unconsciousness when one is about to die", or maybe it's got another layer of meaning in Indonesian... Considering this country formerly had a Muslim majority political leadership who fashioned themselves as the "New Order" and accomplished an anti-communist politicide with almost a million murdered mercilessly for the sake of a national purification. & Sakaratul here too has a penchant for perpetrating merciless audial extermination. Just an interesting side note to ponder whilst listening, regardless of whether or not that's relevant to the project...not sure about the current climate within which this project exists. There is an innate might to this work that is admittedly somewhat impalpable to an outsider... While still remaining in the southern hemisphere, our cultural contrasts are stark. But that is part of it's appeal. It would be highly dubious to suggest that there is any confraternity between us, and them. That doesn't mean it can't be admired. The material is blistering, sulphurous and autocratic with no room for compromise. Again, it's advisable to experience HN in headphones at point blank range. Afterward, there is pain and numbness like a chemical burn. Noise posers down under, beware...     With only a scant discography: as follows (in bold): "Mortuary Voyeurism: Feasting On The Swell Of The Fourth Stage Of Death" / "Satanik Bootkamp: Werwolf Paramilitary Kommando" 2 x C10 set. (This was initially preceded by the debut "Demo" CS on Eternal Oblivion Productions in 2017.Segmented into two separated C10 tapes encased in individual standard Norelco's glued together. Self-released no label stamp. With xeroxed J-cards plus A4 foldover cover on black cardstock with insert. In ziplock bags. Recorded at the Shrine Of Gestalt Hell. How apt. Released in an edition of 10?!! as a demo only release... Considering the unique thew that pertains to this project, it seems like a good time to be nostalgic. "Severe Headache: The Psychogenesis of Mental Disorders" is the most recent pogrom that we can bear witness to... Haemophilic industrial harsh P.E.; one might even hear a bit of a crushing Scatmother-esque style in there, just as a passing thought; because influences in noise all just dissolve into the work of the present... It ends in the track called "Anatomy of an Epidemic: Torment of a Damaged Mind" - note that this was released on CS back in December 2019: truly a harbinger of things to come... The fundamental & foremost point to end on is - when will the unholy Kris-bearing SAKARATUL resurface to purge our current Antipodean nightmare? There is a growing sect of followers down under awaiting his eminent return.

Sonntag, 22. November 2020



1. V/A - Right To Hate (C45, Fall of Nature)

As is often the case with V/A compilations, this offers a sampling of each individual act and coalesces into something succinct with a shape and form brought together from the many disparate contributions, unique to the label. As for the Australian contributions: Mshing offers a great swirling miasma, slowly churning up in intensity. Perhaps taking some cues from MZ.412. Mshing has been laying low for an extended period - only surfacing with compilation tracks, quietly building up a discography of comp contributions in his own right. Now we are presented with "Punishment". It will be a strong period for Mshing comp appearances to look out for (Neuesachlichkeit #2)... Next up, incoming is a new track from Totenrune, not known for much so far other than a split 10" with Streicher & an appearance on the notorious "P.E.A.C." CD. Here on "Sentenced for Life" is a robust dose of putrid-sounding HN with video sample buried deep in the mix... Ending in possibly the strongest Rope Society track released to date. A real standout that is as worthy as anything he's done for the Tesco catalogue. "Memoria" is absolutely consummated by the outro sample, committed to posterity... One good thing to see is the Aust. noise acts operating independently & publishing internationally, represented here in 2020. Maybe the best local presentation since Death Pact International's Australian Units. If this is any indication of what's happening, then the compilation format should become a more frequent occurrence. Great display of 3 Aust. names, grafted onto one another by Fall Of Nature. Remarkably consistent across both sides.

2. Death Dedication / Necroecclesia - Experiment to Destruct (CD-R, Head Tapes)

By the time Necroecclesia takes up the mantle we have already been unrelentingly pulverized by the prior DD assault for a solid 28 minutes. So it's with some auditory nerve damage that we arrive at project number two on this split. On the Necroecclesia side, lots of low end crunch constantly tearing off and back into the mix by synaptic connection, existing with an abnormal vitality of its own. Like an uncontrolled electrical disturbance in the brain AKA Temporal lobe seizure. Epinephrine triggering convulsions. A lethal hit of it... An iatrogenic nightmare... Befouled sacrum exploration to accompany abnormal sleep cycles... To the ancients, the sacral region as the seat of procreation was the part offered up in sacrificial rites overseen by the Ecclesia... Apparently to be reissued on LP by Foul Prey.

3. Streicher - Hammerskins (LP, Asrar)

The oppressive walls of static on "Hammerpower Skinheads" sound best in headphones. It has a slight tendency to sound tinny or like a distant ambiance if played too quiet... Then we have the baritone operatic intro on "Destroi!"; the fact that this is an aesthetic not too many in noise would dabble with - gives this work a great depth of feeling. That overture ushers in 4 brutal minutes of crushing walls cascading down, developing into a rhythm of mechanised pummelling. Gotta love the "take it to the streets" vibe of the spoken interludes. Reminiscent of old worker songs to coordinate timing... "Aryan Shocktroops" opens with an antiquated version of our national anthem and builds into a scraping resonance. The fact is, so many of the Streicher releases are known for their aura. This one evoking a time when the "Advance Australia Fair" lyrics were "when gallant Cook from Albion sailed, true British courage bore him on. There he raised Old England's flag, from England soil and Fatherland". Amen... & lastly, "Order of the Boot" makes a final incision (into the head), strapped to the operating table. While definitely one of the Old Guard, this welcome reissue heralds in a new dawn for us. Truly enveloping pieces that sound superb on LP.

Mittwoch, 8. Januar 2020


⥋Novichok⥋ (Russian: Новичо́к, "newcomer"/ "newbie"/ "new boy") is a series of binary chemical weapons developed by the Soviet Union and Russia between 1971 and 1993. Russian scientists who developed the nerve agents claim they are the deadliest ever made, with some variants possibly five to eight times more potent than VX...